Recurr Studio

We love working with early-stage b2b saas startups to solve for product, design, and growth.

Our story started in April 2020, when we began as India's first early stage growth agency. We worked with over 20 beautiful saas startups from India.

In July 2022, our biggest relationship turned into something more meaningful. Our longest-served customer offered to absorb our team, full-time, to work on something bigger. The Recurr team is now the growth marketing engine at Goodera.

Team Recurr also built two publications - Saastitute, and Brandcurry.

Both of them started as an ode to ecosystems we love - B2B SaaS, and DTC eCommerce. Brandcurry was sunset after our team was absorbed.

Saastitute continues to be operated by the same team on weekends, and also a few new friends who want to contribute. As of August 2022, we crossed 10K new users every month.

Pratik Sagar Mishra

Hi! I am Pratik.

I built Recurr and I am passionate about early stage product & growth. After 26 months of working with some brilliant founders and startups, I am now leading growth at Goodera.

On weekends, I try to talk and be helpful to SaaS founders and operators with advise, network, and capital to whatever extent I can.

I am also excited about building a DTC brand - Looking for folks to help me with it.

If anything here sounds interesting and you want to talk, find a time here.